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What We Do

Pixel Savvy provides Internet-based technology services to enable businesses and organizations to expand their reach and communicate more effectively.

Website Design

In today’s highly competitive marketplace progressive businesses are faced with the challenge of establishing a vibrant and dynamic web presence in the ever-changing and competitive world of the Internet. Pixel Savvy has the technology, experience and expertise to guide clients through this process.

Whether it is web design for simple marketing websites or more complex database driven sites Pixel Savvy approaches each task from the perspective of simplicity, ease of maintenance and practicality and in this way delivers the most robust and value driven solutions to its clients.

A website may be anything from a fundamental part of your business to a convenient access point for potential customers, in either case, both in design and function; it must represent you in a positive and confident light. Design is about business delivery first and styling second.

Some web design services that we offer are:

Website Design Approach

At Pixel Savvy, we design websites with your company’s distinctive needs in mind, first considering the main objectives of the website. For example, are your site’s visitors buying a product, contacting a business or registering for services?

This will help us establish the most effective ‘look and feel’ to accomplish such these objectives. We will then design a site that helps relay a professional appearance to your site’s visitors, making a striking first impression. We will work on the appearance of your website using your input and our best discretion until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Ultimately it is our goal to ensure that you are happy with the look and feel of your website and that it communicates the distinct online identity you wish to have. We will ensure that your site is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly so that you can turn site visitors into clients.

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About Pixel Savvy Pixel Savvy in an independent web design and development firm based in western Canada. We specialize in building simple, elegant and intuitive websites for businesses and organizations of all kinds. If you have a need to build an online presence or are not satisfied with your current website, we can help you. Learn More »